Innovation. Efficacy. Trust

Formulated and
made in Australia

Evidence based formulations

Harnessing the power of natural ingredients

Innovation. Efficacy. Trust

Harnessing the power of natural ingedients

Evidence base formulations

Formulated and made in Australia

About us

Dr Sam Megalli, BPharm (Hons) PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

We are a leading Australian innovator

Specialists in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of evidence-based pharmaceuticals.

Committed to creating products of the highest standards, our scientists research and develop the most effective formulas for specific conditions, along with those that support everyday health and wellbeing.

Our values

Science first

We take healthcare seriously. That’s why everything we do is based on sound scientific principles, clinically researched and proven to be effective.

Born innovators, we keep one eye on the horizon and are always across the latest research findings.

Nature knows

We understand and respect the power of nature. Our efforts are focused on maximising its effects, while our sustainable practices ensure the next generation can share in the rewards.

Focus on the detail

Quality counts.

From the way we source and manage ingredients, to the sophisticated ways they work together to target specific conditions, when it comes to delivering on our promises, no detail is too small.

Embrace Vitality

Everyone has the right to enjoy a full and active life. With optimism, and practical solutions, we enable a positive outlook and health and wellbeing for all.

Our product ranges


Complex multifaceted formulations


General wellbeing supplements


Before, during & after pregnancy support

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